228 Scientists to Gov. Holcomb: “Conserve major portions of our state forests”

In a letter delivered to Gov. Holcomb today, scientists from 16 academic institutions statewide outlined an array of objections to proposed logging of older growth forest tracts in Indiana’s state forests. The 228 scientists are urging Gov. Holcomb to set aside areas from timber harvest and reduce the rate of logging in state forests. [The letter and full list of signers and their affiliations is here].

The letter was authored by Leslie Bishop, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Biology at Earlham College. She spent six months gathering signatures. She explained:

“As a biologist and Brown County resident, I have been deeply concerned about the increase in logging of our state forests, exemplified by the Division of Forestry’s intention to log 299 acres in the Yellowwood/Morgan-Monroe backcountry area.

“As an educator and researcher in the fields of invertebrate zoology, entomology, biological diversity, and wildlife ecology – and an Indiana voter – I felt compelled to bring my scientific understanding of forest biodiversity to bear on the current policy of managing 95% of Indiana’s state forests for timber production.”

See more photos and videos of the letter’s delivery.

Dr. Bishop delivers the letter to Rebecca Holwerda of the Governor’s staff.

The media covered the delivery of the letter.