IFA Seeks Volunteers for Upcoming Ecoblitz!

IFA Seeks Volunteers for our Upcoming Ecoblitz!

The Indiana Forest Alliance (IFA), Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC), Hoosier Herpetological Society, Hoosier Mushroom Society, Southcentral Indiana Chapter of the Indiana Plant and Wildflower Society, Knob and Valley Audubon Society (KAVAS), and Winding Waters Sierra Club, Greater Bloomington Sierra Club, and Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club, among others, are preparing to launch, for the second year, a comprehensive inventory, an “Ecoblitz,” of flora and fauna, on approximately 800 acres along the East Fork of Honey Creek in the heart of the Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood State Forest Back Country Area, including the Low Gap Nature Preserve.

Our objective is to document the biological value of this tract of maturing, contiguous hardwood forest. 

The Ecoblitz will start on April 18 & 19th, and will continue on into the rest of summer and fall.

2015 Ecoblitz Teams April 18-19 April 25-26 May 10 May 23 May 30-31 June 6-7 June 20-21 Aug.8-9 Sept.12-13
Vascular Plants X(19) X(25) X X X
Fungi X X X X
Bryophytes X
Spiders X X
Insects X X
Insects- Beetles X X
Aquatic Macroinvertebrates & Fish X X
Amphibians & Reptiles X X X X
Birds X X X
Small Mammals X X X

*Butterflies – Jeff Belth will survey once a month in April, May, June, July and August, with dates to be determined based on the availability of sunshine.

We are seeking volunteers— both those with particular scientific expertise or interest and also folks who want to learn more about the flora and fauna of this area —
to help make this event a success!

Tasks might include:

*joining a survey team with a scientist team leader to help identify flora or fauna

*preparing or serving food and refreshments

*cataloging/handling data as it comes in from the field

*shuttling participants from base camp to the survey area

*registering participants and scientists as they arrive

Box Turtle in Wolf Creek, Low Gap State Wild Area

Box Turtle in Wolf Creek, Low Gap State Wild Area

Tecumseh Trail, Miller Ridge State Wild Area

Tecumseh Trail, Miller Ridge State Wild Area









Please contact Audrey Moore at audrey@indianaforestalliance.org or 812-269-6404 ASAP, if you would like to volunteer during any of the dates listed above, and whether or not you have particular talents to offer for this Ecoblitz.