Daleville Votes NO on Mounds Lake Commission!

A report from the battle against the Mounds Lake Reservoir is hopeful: the Daleville Town Council voted “no” on the formation of the Mounds Lake Commission. ?In a vote on Monday, September 14th, all 5 council members voted with an unanimous vote against the commission. ?This veto will create major barriers for proponents of the damming of the West Fork of the White River in moving forward with the imagined Mounds Lake. ?In a battle that has raged for over two years, the day was a sweet victory for leading activist group, the Heart of the River Coalition. ?Indiana Forest Alliance has been supportive through council, time, and talent, and wishes to express our support for the continued fight against the damming of such a pristine river, unique to Central Indiana. ?A quote from The Star Press published the morning following the vote by the Daleville Town President should keep Hoosier environmentalists on their toes, stating??If we vote no on this we are afraid we won?t see any of the opposition again. We are afraid we won?t ever see this trail you are proposing,? ? ?”This trail” being the Mounds Greenway project, the championed alternative to the Mounds Lake Reservoir.

Let’s ensure that the Mounds Greenway can become a reality. ?The Indiana Forest Alliance heartily supports the Hoosier Environmental Council’s proposed Greenway, a biking and hiking trail and park which would extend over one hundred miles! ?To learn more about the Greenway, check out this link:? ?? ?Stay tuned for further information regarding the Yorktown vote. ?The dates and times for this meeting will be publicized on our site, coming soon!