Ecoblitz Surveys August 8-9!

The Plants, Fungi and Forest Beetle and Insect Teams?will be surveying for taxa this weekend in the Ecoblitz area! ?Please?RSVP to?, if you are interested!

Plants: Steven Dunbar?and David Mow?will be leading surveys?on Saturday?and?Sunday.? Meet at Weaver Plantation off of Low Gap Rd. at?8:00 am?on both days.? Surveys will last from?8:00 am to 2:00 pm.?

Fungi: Ron Kerner?and Steve Russell?will lead a survey just?on Sunday?starting at?11:00 and running to approximately?3:00 pm.? Participants should meet at the Weaver Plantation (and plan to be there by?10:45 am).

Forest Beetles and other Insects?on Saturday: Purdue entomologist, Jeff Holland,?will lead?a beetle survey, and Glene’ Mynhardt will lead?a survey for insects overall?on Saturday.??We will assemble at?the?Possum Trot Trailhead on the east side of the Ecoblitz area at?2:00 pm.? After a short survey in that area, we will finish up in time to?meet at the Low Gap Trail Head at?4:30 pm?for a second survey that will last until 6:00/6:30 pm.? We will assemble again at the Low Gap Trail Head at?8:30 pm?for a night survey.??We will need volunteers particularly for this survey (bring a small but good flashlight!) to help collect beetles, moths?and other insects?that?will converge on?a lighted sheet about an hour after dark.? The Survey could last until?11:30 pm/midnight. ?Glene’ Mynhardt will also lead a survey from?10:30 am to 2:00 pm on Sunday.? We will meet at the Low Gap Trailhead.

We will be providing lunches and?liquid refreshments, so please let us know if you’re coming so that we can provide the right amount of these supplies. ?Please?RSVP to, if you are interested! ?Please remember to bring insect repellent and your other personal accessories including rain gear if late weather reports indicate you’ll need it.??Also if you have allergies,?consider bringing Benadryl or your allergy medicine, given the increased bee activity in late summer and early fall.??