Trail 18 Turnpike Completion Project (Partner Work Project)

This is a three-day project, October 25 to 27. Work one day or all three, whatever is most convenient for you.

We are looking for 18 adults per day for Friday and Saturday.  This does not mean the same 18 people each day as this is pretty rigorous work.  As the weather cooperates, the work on Sunday will be a redressing of the #73 gravel on the existing completed portion of the turnpike for those interested in working that day.

Trail work in Hoosier National Forest

Trail work in Hoosier National Forest

The Hunter Creek Church parking lot (9415 South Hunter’s Creek Road, Norman, Indiana 47264) can be used as a staging area for vehicles on Friday and Saturday.  We will shuttle from there to Hunter Creek Lane near Mr. Jones’s house and leave three or four vehicles in the lane there.  The parking area at the south trailhead into the Deam Wilderness on Hunter Creek Road may have to be used as a staging area on Sunday if there is a lot of interest in working that day.  It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Hunter Creek Lane to the worksite.



9 am Friday: Safety briefing by Vicki Gullang-Harris from Hoosier National Forest (HNF).  We will be forwarding some forms that volunteers will want to review before coming.  All participants should bring some sort of work gloves.  Between our stock and the HNF we should have enough hard hats for everyone, but if you have your own, please bring it.  All HNF personal protective equipment requirements must be met for this project.

4 pm: Complete work for the day.

9 am Saturday: Safety briefing by KHTA personnel.  Given what we completed in two days in August 2018 with the Scouts USA NOAC contingent, we are pretty confident that we can complete the remainder in this time frame with this many volunteers.

4 pm: Complete work for the day.

9 am Sunday: It is hoped that Sunday’s work will consist solely of a certain amount of clean up and redressing as mentioned before.

The Details

We will have water containers on-site but volunteers will need to bring their own canteen/water bottle to drink from and refill it from the water containers.  Each volunteer should bring lunch with them and if anyone is interested in camping in the HNF in this area that weekend that can certainly be arranged.

The HNF is currently stockpiling needed materials for this project into the area.  It is likely we will have some equipment support for this as we did in 2018 but that will be on Friday only and what that will consist of remains to be seen.  The equipment is very helpful for some of the heavier work.

How to Sign Up

If you want to help, send your name, organization (in this case, Indiana Forest Alliance), address, email address, telephone number, and dates available to Albert Cross via Facebook Messenger,

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