I-69 Open House This Wednesday, October 29th, in Bloomington

From our friends over at Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads (CARR):
The I-69 Development Partners (I-69 DP) will hold a Public Open House regarding the new I-69 Section 5 construction in Monroe and Morgan Counties. The open house will be held on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, 1710 Kinser Pike in Bloomington, Indiana.?The purpose of this open house is to update the community as we enter the construction phase of I-69 Section 5. The open house will feature various project maps/displays and multiple information stations where I-69 Development Partners project representatives will be available to explain project details and talk with project stakeholders individually in an informal setting. Attendees will also have the opportunity to vote on aesthetic treatment alternatives.

There will be no formal presentation.

The facility is ADA compliant to accommodate persons with disabilities who would like to attend and participate during the public open house. Please contact Tony Carpenter, I-69 Section 5 Public Information Coordinator for the I-69 Development Partners at (812) 361-8275 should you require additional information regarding the public open house.
It is CARR?s opinion that this ?Open House? format is being used to keep citizens from publicly expressing their concerns about I-69. It is undemocratic and it means there will be no public record of what is discussed. While citizens can speak privately to the I-69 Development Partners, others who attend will not hear all of the concerns. This effectively quashes open public dialogue about the severe damages that this project is causing, and will continue to cause, to our communities.

The recent announcement that there is no funding for Section 6, as well as the larger Canada to Mexico I-69 project, confirms what CARR has said for many years: Indiana cannot build I-69 without shortchanging other transportation projects across the state. The Environmental Impact Statement for I-69 stated clearly that the project was fiscally constrained and funding was available to complete the project. That is clearly not true and never was.

The promised benefits of the project depend on a completed highway and it is unlikely that this will ever happen. Any promised benefits are purely speculative.

Funding using public/private partnerships (PPPs) is being tried again, but this funding mechanism has already failed with the northern Indiana toll road deal. A major partner in that PPP has gone bankrupt and what will happen next is unclear. Tolling is still an option for sections of the I-69 project.

Here is a link about I-69 funding from our colleagues the Hoosier Environmental Council. ?http://www.hecweb.org/2013/02/12/i-69-leg-gobbling-up-states-road-funding/

Thank you again for your support.