Wild Indiana Phone Canvass Program

At the Indiana Forest Alliance, we believe that person-to-person communication is the key to advancing the forest cause. To win, we need to coordinate thousands of Hoosier across the state — that’s you — asking you to contact your legislators, make comment on logging plans, attend IFA events, and more.

So, if you recently signed up for IFA’s mailing list and left us your phone number, you may be getting a call. If you were a member in the past but are due for a renewal reminder, you may be getting a call.  Keeping our membership numbers strong give weight to our cause.

Nick Joseph, IFA Outreach Coordinator

The person who will likely contact you is IFA Outreach Coordinator Nick Joseph. Nick joined IFA in fall 2017 to manage the camp established as an ongoing peaceful protest at Yellowwood State Forest. Now Nick works on staying in touch with IFA members with pro-forest action updates and membership renewal reminders.

Please note that IFA will never loan, give or sell your name or contact information to any third party.

Also, you are free to request to be on IFA’s “do not call” list. Contact Nick if this is the case.

We look forward to talking with you!