2018 Pro-Forest Legislation

A Senate bill in the Indiana General Assembly (SB 275) to set aside 30% of state forests from logging was supported by 10 Republican senators, but was not given a hearing. An amendment to a bill in the House would have set aside 10% of state forests from logging lost by a 50-35 vote, but with 13 Republicans supporting. Read this analysis of why forest advocates should have hope in the wake of the 2018 legislative session.

In preparation for the 2019 legislative session, will you take a one-question survey related to forest recreation vs. logging?


FACT SHEET: Why We Should Set Aside 10% of State Forests

EDITORIAL in the 1/21/18 Bloomington Herald-Times: Urge Gov. Holcomb to be conservative with state forests by IFA Board Vice President P. David Simcox

EDITORIAL by Economist Morton Marcus: Our forests, our future (appeared in papers statewide January 2018)

LETTER to the Editor by IFA Conservation Director Rae Schnapp (appeared in IndyStar 1/21/18)

LETTER written by the DNR Director in 2002, to IFA’s Board Chair, stating that the state set aside 40% of state forests from logging at that time.

Let’s continue to make out voices heard. Here are three things you can do:

  1. Contact your state senator to ask they stand on pro-forest legislation.
  2. Attend “Third House” meetings with your state legislators¬†in your area and raise the forest issue in public. These meetings are usually hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureau or League of Women Voters and allow legislators to hear the concerns of their constituents.?We will keep you up-to-date as they are announced, but please let us know if you see one posted!
  3. Thank your lawmaker if you know s/he is in support of pro-forest legislation.