The Science

The Indiana Forest Alliance is committed to science-based advocacy when it comes to the protection of our state forests. We best protect Indiana’s native hardwood ecosystem by utilizing and collaborating with experts and researchers from leading universities and other institutions to document the value of preserving the natural diversity of Indiana’s public forests.


Ecological Assessment of the Crown Hill North Woods by Donald Ruch, Ph.D., Kemuel Badger, Ph.D., & John Taylor

The Impact of Logging on Amphibians by Robert Brodman, Ph.D.

Effects of logging on Breeding Success of Acadian Flycatchers by Donald Winslow, Ph.D.

Bird Nesting Season Needs Much More Protection on the State Forest by Donald Winslow, Ph.D.

Birds, Biodiversity, and Hoosier Forests by William Buskirk, Ph.D.

Looking at the Tip of an Iceberg by Glenè Mynhardt, Ph.D.

Interior Forests in Indiana by Marion T. Jackson, Ph.D. & John O. Whitaker, Ph.D.

Logging and Invasive Species by Timothy Brothers, Ph.D.

A Time for Change by David Haberman, Ph.D.

Of Paramount Importance by Donald G. Ruch, Ph.D