Statement in Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

The Indiana Forest Alliance stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the call for racial justice and equity. We will never learn to live sustainably on our fragile planet as long as equal protection and treatment under the law, equal opportunities and respect for human dignity are denied to any member of our society.

The horrific murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and the long systemic racism throughout America that allowed it demand that we as a state and nation work to end all forms of racial injustice — from police brutality to the environmental burdens lopsidedly forced upon communities of color.

The Indiana Forest Alliance pledges to continue our mission to protect and restore Indiana’s forests not only in rural and suburban Indiana but particularly in our urban communities for the use and enjoyment of all. We will also double down on our efforts to battle climate change, a plague that disproportionately makes it more difficult for minority communities to live and breathe.

Most of all, we pledge to do the hard work and have the hard conversations to make sure our work supports all Hoosiers.

Jeff Stant
Executive Director
Indiana Forest Alliance