Support the Ecoblitz Through Don’t Endanger Me Campaign

Every day, the Indiana Forest Alliance campaigns to protect forests through policy and grassroots outreach. But did you know we conduct yearlong surveys in forests for mammals, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans, spiders, insects, butterflies, pollinators, plants, mosses, fungi, and lichens known as the Ecoblitz?

What has the IFA found? Tremendous biological diversity–including 24 rare, threatened, and endangered species–all within one small tract of Yellowwood State Forest. We know many other animals like the ones featured here are losing their forest habitat. Tragically, our state is making decisions to deforest their homes without even knowing who lives there. With your help, IFA plans to expand the Ecoblitz to three new sites during the next five years, providing new information vital to conserving valuable forest habitat. Your support for the #dontendangerme campaign will make this possible. Volunteer for our phone campaign and follow our progress your social media of choice: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or find us with #dontendangerme.

By supporting projects like the Ecoblitz, we can expand to three more sites, employ more experts, and offer hands-on experiences for more volunteers and future scientists. 

Thank you for helping the IFA do the urgent work to preserve the forests we all cherish.