What Does It Mean to Be a Member of IFA?

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Alright.?You visit the IFA website, Facebook and ?Twitter pages. Receive IFA action alerts and newsletters.

What else?

As a member of IFA, you support the belief that Indiana’s state forests need to be treated as treasures, not as a cash crop for state government; that the economic and societal benefits of?restoring Indiana?s forest ecosystem that once comprised the heart of the largest and most diverse temperate hardwood forest on the planet far outweigh any benefit that logging can bring to the state.

You believe that the restoration of these forests are vital to conserving our biological heritage. Setting aside significant portions of our?state forests?will also provide an effective strategy for sequestering carbon to combat climate change.

At the same time, it will sustain a productive and growing wood products industry on private woodland.?

It will aid in?protecting water supplies.

And it will greatly enhance Hoosiers? quality of life for generations to come.

As an active member of IFA you become a part of something greater than any one individual could ever hope to accomplish on his or her own. You join a fellowship focused on building the factual case and groundswell of public concern necessary to bring balance back to Indiana’s public lands management policy that went astray a dozen years ago.

How do you do this?


Share your concerns and support with policymakers. Regardless of how much it sometimes feels like you’re pushing a rock uphill.

You are not alone.

Document your experiences visiting our state forests…the good, the bad, and the ugly…and savor our victories…no matter how small they may feel at times…

IFA?buried the IDNR Division of Forestry with comments to their so-called draft management plan last fall.?Your contact with legislators yesterday is beginning to bear fruit today. ?We have half a dozen legislators who have signed on as co-authors of ?legislation that IFA helped draft.

IFA members in Brown, Monroe, Jackson and Lawrence counties met with Representative Erich Koch?recently. He has?signed on as a co-author to our HB 1155. As a member of the House leadership along with another leader–principal author–Representative Mike Braun, this is a BIG deal. ?

What else?


You joined others in Indianapolis last December for our Wild and Scenic Film Festival. You take advantage of our “Second Sunday Slow Saunters” , discovering and witnessing the beauty of the Wild Areas of Indiana that we are all working to protect.


Your support.

Financially that is. If?at all?possible. In the coming days and weeks IFA?will be unveiling a new video campaign that was produced?by a professional film company, IFA members, staff, and supporters. It will augment?the outreach and organizing efforts that are already taking place throughout the state. Unsuprisingly, we are being outspent by powerful interests in the state who prefer to maintain the status quo. But your money, coupled with your time and with your voice, we will prevail.

Thank you!

-Paul Bryan

IFA Development Director