Yorktown Town Council to vote on formation of the Mounds Lake Commission, Monday September 21st.

You’ve heard the news about the Daleville vote, an unanimous against the Mounds Lake Commission, which would see a further study, costing millions, on the viability of the Mounds Lake Reservoir. ?We would like to inform you of the upcoming vote in Yorktown, set for Monday, September 21st, beginning at 5:30pm with no set end date, although the meeting should not go beyond two hours in all probability. ?For those near the area who would like to attend, the meeting location is as follows:

Yorktown Town Court
9730 W Smith St
Yorktown, IN 47396

The Yorktown Town Council will be voting on a resolution that states: “Now Therefore be it Resolved, that the Town of Yorktown will not participate in the creation of the Mounds Lake Commission.”

Folks, we are looking for a “yes” or an “amen!” or maybe even a “hallelujah!” on this resolution from all the town councilors. If you can attend, it would be much appreciated. ?If you cannot attend, but would like to support the Heart of the River as they relentlessly fight against this dam, check out their webpage, at?

Go Mounds Greenway!