Yorktown votes NO on Mounds Lake Commission; stalling the project’s momentum!

“Now Therefore be it Resolved, that the Town of Yorktown will not participate in the creation of the Mounds Lake Commission.”

This statement was voted on this past Monday, September 21st, and was approved, in a vote of 6-1 by the town council members.? As of now, both Daleville and Yorktown Town Councils voted to not join the Mounds Lake Commission, making further stages of the project’s development unworkable based upon the construct of the Mounds Lake Commission proposal statement. Despite the Anderson and Chesterfield Councils voting favorably for the further study of the Mounds Lake Reservoir, the two smaller town votes impede further exploration of the project, as it stands now.

The reservoir was projected to cost the community $440 million to plan, investigate, carry out eminent domain procedures on businesses and homes, and build; with more money beyond this amount to reroute utility lines and other infrastructure that would be disrupted in the process.? But beyond any economic cost concerns, and the improbability of the community finding the funding source for the project, or even a potential buyer for the water, lie the core issues of the environmental impacts of flooding a free-flowing river.? The Indiana Forest Alliance opposed the project specifically due to the 978 acres of forest that would be inundated, as well as portions of the Mounds State Park which would be lost.? The Mounds State Park is home to an incredibly unique biome, called the Mounds Fen, which supports unusual ephemeral flowering plants and many other specialized species.? Four hundred families were expected to have their homes taken from them by way of eminent domain, and some of those families and businesses worked with the Heart of the River Coalition to use grassroots activism to protect their homes and environment.? A healthy river supports the health of the entire community.? Sheryl Myers, of Heart of the River calls rivers the “veins” of the earth; I’m inclined to agree.

IFA will be putting substantial effort into supporting both Heart of the River and Hoosier Environmental Council as they develop the Mounds Greenway.? We will keep you connected to this effort through our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you haven’t already, take a minute to enjoy the article by Ken de la Bastide, printed in the Herald Bulletin following the vote in Yorktown:


For the trees AND rivers,