SB 420 Hearing

Senate Bill 420 (SB 420), or the ?Old Forest Bill,? would set aside 10% of Indiana?s state forests from logging. Senator Eric Bassler (R-39), Senator Jon Ford?(R-38), and Senator Jim Smith (R-45) have authored and co-authored this bill.

Attend the hearing?and ask your senator to support SB 420!

The bill?s digest reads:

?Requires IDNR, before January 1, 2018, to designate at least one undivided area comprising at least 10% of each state forest as an old forest area. Provides that, wherever possible, the size of a designated old forest area must be at least 500 acres. Sets forth certain purposes to guide the department in designating the old forest areas. Prohibits the department from conducting or allowing timber management in the old forest areas. Requires the department to produce and keep on file maps and legal descriptions of the designated old?forest areas. Provides that the designation of the old forest areas may not affect hunting, fishing, trapping, and other recreational uses of the state forests, the maintenance of access roads in the state forests, or rights of access through the state forests.?

On Monday, February 13, 2017, SB 420 will be heard in the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

Location: Room 233 of the State House! The meeting starts at 10 a.m. … allow extra time to go through security.


9?points for support for SB 420?(click graphic to see full?2-page?document)

5 Reasons to Support Senate Bill 420 by Rae Schnapp, Ph.D.


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