Buffalo Springs Restoration Project

Logging and Burning in Hoosier National Forest

IFA’s Concerns

The US Forest Service has proposed what would be the largest and most destructive project in the history of the Hoosier National Forest, calling it the Buffalo Springs Restoration (sic) Project.

With at least 5,124 acres of the Hoosier National Forest being slated for harvest, nearly 15,100 acres identified for a possible prescribed burn, 771 acres of chemical treatment with herbicides/pesticides, and, in addition, the creation or re-creation of 19 more miles of road in the Hoosier, the potential impact on the health and well-being of those living in or near the Forest is alarming.  A dependence on Municipal water from Patoka Reservoir for many residents in the area has led to a great fear of runoff into the Patoka watershed.

SAVE HOOSIER NATIONAL FOREST concerned citizens group

As a result of this proposed work, a group of nearly 1,000 people has joined the newly-created Facebook group, Save Hoosier National Forest, to voice their opinions and learn more about the proposed project.

View Drone Footage of Threatened Areas

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