What Are Forests For?

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For wilderness recreation, for all of us, and future generations. As habitat for Indiana’s amazing biodiversity. As storers of carbon. As eco-tourism assets that make Indiana great. As places of solace and beauty.

The Indiana Forest Alliance’s mission is protecting and restoring Indiana’s native forests. We’re concerned about the 400% INCREASE in commercial logging of our state forests since 2002.  Are you?

If you are concerned too, here’s what you can do:

  1. Explore this site to learn more about the issues and IFA’s pro-active efforts.
  2. View IFA’s 6-minute video about our imperiled forests
  3. Write to your Indiana senator to ask him or her to support legislation to protect 10% of our state forests from logging.
  4. Sign & share the petition to create 13 new Wild Areas
  5. Sign up to receive our e-communications and action alerts
  6. Read the Indiana Forest Alliance newsletter
  7. Make a donation & become an IFA member for $25 (your gift will be matched by a generous donor)
  8. Volunteer with the Indiana Forest Alliance