What’s Happening to Indiana’s State-Owned Forests?

“We never though the State would cut the trees down at such an unprecedented rate,” says Brown County resident Teri Bleuel. Listen to Teri and the voices of seven other Hoosiers concerned about the 1000% increase in commercial logging of publicly owned forestland.

The IFA’s goal is to deliver 100,000 messages to Pence in support of protected forests! How can you help?

* Share this video featuring the voices of eight Hoosier who are bearing witness to this logging. Share it with people you know.
* Write, call or email Gov. Pence and your state legislators to let them know this unprecedented level of logging is not acceptable. Writing or calling (on a weekend) is best.
* Sign a petition at an IFA event
* Educate yourself on the issues by browsing IFA’s newsletter archive.
* Join the Indiana Forest Alliance by donating at any level to help the cause.

Thank you!