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The Division of Forestry is accepting comments on IFA’s proposal to nominate the Back Country Area in Morgan-Monroe and Yellowwood State Forests as High Conservation Value Forest. Research conducted by dozens of Indiana scientists documented more than 3,000 species thriving in the Back Country Area. This forest is about 110  years old on average, with some trees more than 200 years old. Designation as High Conservation Value Forest would allow this area to become Old Growth Forest within the next 40 years if managed without timber harvests.


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IFA’S Ecoblitz is a multi-year survey of biological diversity within Indiana’s hardwood forests. Our research is getting published.

IFA seeks bipartisan support to protect Indiana’s forests to preserve more public forest land from logging. Advocate for Indiana’s forests with us!

IFA works for the protection of Indiana’s forests, including urban forests which are crucial to a city’s quality of life.

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Facts About Indiana's State and National Forests

Indiana is home to 158,019.3 acres of state forests and 203,000 acres of national forest.
Within these forests, you can hike, mountain bike, camp, ride horses, watch birds, and so much more!


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10,000 +

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