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More Ways to Make IFA's Work Possible

IFA Intern Identifying Insect.

Thanks to your support, IFA is able to carry on it’s critical science, advocacy, and conservation work. Follow the links to learn more about our work and how you can support the effort. And read on to find out how everyday actions can lead to additional funding of IFA’s work.

Buy Stuff You Need (or want), IFA Gets a Donation

  • Buy forest-friendly coffee from Wood Warbler Coffee. Enjoy the IFA Bird Song Blend!
  • Buy products from EARTH Sticker and a portion of the proceeds are donated to IFA.
  • Buy Backcountry Ale, a session IPA made by Bloomington Brewing Company and sold in cans with IFA’s name on them. A portion of this beer’s sales goes to IFA every year.
  • Buy Tanners Creek Bourbon made in Lawrenceburg, Ind. The maker of this bourbon also lists IFA on its packaging and contributes to IFA annually.
  • Shop at Kroger. Visit and log into your Kroger account. Search for INDIANA FOREST ALLIANCE or enter MB149 and then click enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address, and a rewards card.
  • Or you can simply donate to IFA!


Volunteer! Opportunities include dressing up as Mabel the Maple, social media, species inventories, leading hikes, and making phone calls. Perhaps you have a skill we forgot to mention?

Click here to sign up.

Interested in Funding IFA’s Work?

Indiana’s forests need your support! IFA applies research and science to inform forest management decisions. For instance, IFA’s Ecoblitz is the first-ever multi-year species inventory providing a comprehensive picture of the life that exists within four sites in Indiana’s state and national forests.

Find out how you can invest in protecting Indiana’s forests for future generations. Contact IFA’s development team for more information.