Public Comment on Logging

When the Indiana Division of Forestry (DoF) plans to log a state forest area, they publish a document called a Draft Resource Management Guide (DRMG). Citizens have an opportunity to make public comments on these guides before the marking and bidding of timber can begin. By submitting comments, you help create a public record of dissent regarding the unprecedented amount of commercial logging in Indiana’s state forests. Public comment on DRMGs is one of the few public input opportunities the DoF provides.

Logging Plans Open for Comment

Current DRMG: Ferdinand/Pike and Jackson-Washington State Forests

POSTED April 27, 2020 / Comments DUE by May 26, 2020 (link to download DRMG directly)

Please comment on these tracts:


  • Compartment 5 Tract 1
  • Compartment 7 Tract 2
  • Compartment 10 Tract 4
  • Compartment 11 Tract 1

Jackson-Washington State Forest

  • Compartment 4 Tract 10
  • Compartment 8 Tract 18
  • Compartment 8 Tract 19

Check back for IFA comments on these management plans.

How to Comment in Four Steps

  1. Prepare a statement in a Word or text document. It can be as short as 100 words or as long as you want. Put in your own words why you don’t want to see this forest logged. Consider these ideas for points you can make. And read an example of IFA comments.
  2. Visit the DoF’s website at and copy and paste your comments into the online form. IF THE FORM IS NOT VISIBLE, click on the “Form Not Displaying” link. The form should then pop up. Note: write a separate comment for each logging plan. Where it says “Subject or File Reference (PDF),” insert the name of the forest, compartment, and tract, i.e., “Owen-Putnam, Compartment 8, Tract 10”
  3. Send a message to to let us know you submitted a comment! After the deadline, your comments will likely appear here on the DoF website:
  4. Contact elected officials in the areas where you recreate. After all, your dollars speak!
  5. Contact Governor Eric Holcomb to ask him to halt this logging in areas that impact wildlife, waterway health, and hiking trails! Also, contact your state senator and representative. Not sure who yours are? Find out here.
Thank you for speaking up. Together, we can stop the decimation of our state forests.

Read past comments made by the Indiana Forest Alliance.