Public Comment on Logging

When the Indiana Division of Forestry plans to log a state forest area, they publish on their website a document called a Draft Resource Management Guide (DRMG). Citizens have the chance to make a public comment on these guides before the marking and bidding of timber can begin. By making a comment, you can help create a public record of dissent regarding the unprecedented amount of commercial logging in Indiana’s state forests.
  1. Ferdinand State Forest, Compartment 6, Tract 5 [this 127-acre tract is popular with deer hunters. It’s also habitat for the Northern Leopard Frog which is a species of special concern].
  2. Pike State Forest, Compartment 9, Tract 7
  3. Owen-Putnam State Forest, Compartment 6, Tract 3 [Group tree selection will be used to clear cut areas as a large as 9 acres. This forest is habitat for the Eastern Box Turtle which is a species of special concern].
  4. Frances Slocum State Forest, Compartment 2, Tract 1 [This plan proposes to log almost 1/3 of the entire state forest, one of the smallest in the state. Logging will occur along the scenic Missessinewa River].
  5. Jackson-Washington State Forest, Compartment 5, Tract 8 [this cut is in the middle of IFA’s proposed Starve Hollow Wild Area, which has a wonderful, rugged 5-mile trail and lake].
You can make a public comment against these plans for the record, in your own words. Here’s how.
Prepare a statement in a Word document. It can be as short as 100 words or as long as you want. Put in your own words why you don’t want to see this forest logged.

USE THIS DOCUMENT for ideas on points to make.

Click here for an example of IFA comments.
Visit this page on the DOF website to copy and paste your comments in:
Do a separate comment for each of the three logging plans.
Where it says “Subject or File Reference (PDF),” insert the name of the forest, compartment and tract, i.e.: “Clark, Compartment 3, Tract 6”


If you have time, write a quick email to to let us know you did this! After the deadline, your comments will likely appear here on the DOF website:

ALSO, please contact Governor Eric Holcomb to ask him to halt this logging! Also contact your state senator and representative. Not sure who yours are? Find out here.
Thank you for using your voice. Together, we can resist the decimation of our state forests.


Click here for past comments made by the Indiana Forest Alliance