On Thursday, the commercial real estate developers associated with the proposed “Crossing at Traders Point Development” on the the northwest side of Indianapolis announced their intent to withdraw their rezone and variance petition (Case # 2023-CZN-814/2023-CVR-814.)


This effectively ends the prospects of this project which would have destroyed 200 acres of valuable forest, wildlife habitat and open space near Eagle Creek on Indianapolis’ northwest side.


IFA Executive Director Jeff Stant released the following statement in response:


“We at the Indiana Forest Alliance are elated to see the withdrawal of this petition which would have upended residential and rural character of the community west of I-465 and north or 79th street in Marion County and led to the destruction of  some of the best forest, wildlife habitat and open space remaining in Indianapolis.  This win could not have happened without the determined, grassroots opposition of the local residents and community groups such as Pike Township Residents Association, West 86th Street Homeowners Association, Traders Point Association of Neighborhoods, Eagle Creek Park Advisory Committee, and local residents Barry and Judy Stern. 


“While this project is done for now, it does not mean the Eagle Creek Forest is safe forever. More development proposals will likely come along, and it will be up to the people of Indianapolis to ensure this forest is protected. It is for this reason that we are continuing our call for the Hogsett Administration and the City/County Council to begin addressing the need to protect important city forests such as the forest in this proposed development  in the City’s 2024 budget.  They can do this by appropriating funds for a study of impact fees on future residential developments that could be used to acquire forests for new parks and greenways and renewing the City’s Full Circle Greenways Plan with a focus on purchasing valuable forests and greenspaces for Greenways such as that proposed for Eagle Creek. Acquiring such forests or conservation easements to protect them may likely be the only ways to ensure they are protected for the future benefit and enjoyment of all residents in Indianapolis. We at IFA and all the allied groups in the forest preservation movement look forward to continuing to work with the City, especially Mayor Joe Hogsett and Councilor LeRoy Robinson, on the effort to conserve the forests and valuable greenspace that were on the chopping block in this rezone petition. ”

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