Tell Gov. Holcomb to Veto Wetlands Destruction

Last Tuesday, House Bill (HB) 1383, which further deregulates and removes protections from wetlands, officially passed the Indiana Senate in a vote of 32 to 17. 

Despite bipartisan opposition and allegations of impropriety from an IDEM whistleblower, this bill was fast-tracked by GOP legislative leadership and now heads to the governor to be signed into law.

In spite of this bill’s passage, Indiana Forest Alliance would like to thank the 17 State Senators who voted against this legislation.

Now is our last chance to stop this bill from becoming law. Because the Senate passed this bill without any changes it now heads directly to the governor.

Please, contact Governor Eric Holcomb TODAY and ask him to veto this legislation and protect Indiana wetlands. 

You can reach Governor Holcomb’s office by phone at: 317-232-4567 or submit a message via online portal by clicking this link.

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