Jeff Stant

Executive Director of the Indiana Forest Alliance

Moving Forward in the Fight for Indiana’s Wetlands

From Jeff Stant, Executive Director Another session of our General Assembly has finished, this one exhibiting the most hostile attitudes toward our environment and natural heritage in the seven years that I’ve been lobbying for IFA there.  Here is a detailed recounting of how the legislature gutted Indiana’s wetlands law.     Senate Bill 389 …

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Contact Your Legislators to Protect Indiana’s State Forests!

By Jeff Stant, IFA Executive Director Updated March 22, 2019 Virtually every week, the Indiana Forest Alliance hears from concerned Hoosiers about proposed logging in their favorite areas of Indiana’s state forests. Added to this are rampant cutting of private forests, and even County-owned forests like the famed Bean Blossom overlook in Brown County enjoyed …

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Indiana Forest Alliance staff and volunteers after presenting at the Indiana Academy of Science.

From Lichens to Flying Squirrels: Ecoblitz Results Reveal Complexity of an Older Indiana Forest

This relatively undisturbed forest in the Back Country Area (BCA) of Morgan-Monroe State Forest has great species complexity and high species richness in the absence of intense forest management. One tract of Yellowwood has been logged, but other parts of the BCA remain intact for now, and IFA will continue the Ecoblitz in these unlogged areas.

Indiana’s Forests: For The People

We submit that SB 420 is not telling our foresters how to practice silviculture or stopping logging in our state forests at all. Rather, the legislature established our state forests originally for the public benefit of all and therefore has a legitimate role to play in establishing the objectives that state forests should serve.