The Hoosier National Forest Still in Danger

Hoosier National Forest waterfall

Comments from Jeff Stant, Executive Director Waiting for the Court to Decide on Houston South A Lawsuit by Monroe County, IFA, HEC and David Simcox challenging the massive logging and […]

“Dear Division of Forestry…”

We disagree heartily with many assertions in the letter. Below, IFA Executive Director Jeff Stant addresses every point in this six-page rebuttal. Here’s Seifert’s letter, with highlights of Stant’s rebuttal inserted in blue.

Indiana’s Forests: For The People

We submit that SB 420 is not telling our foresters how to practice silviculture or stopping logging in our state forests at all. Rather, the legislature established our state forests originally for the public benefit of all and therefore has a legitimate role to play in establishing the objectives that state forests should serve.