Morgan-Monroe State Forest

Morgan–Monroe State Forest is a state forest in Morgan County and Monroe County of Indiana, and is the second-largest state forest in Indiana. The 24,000 acres (97 km2) comprising this deciduous forest was abandoned farmland, as the previous residents realized that the land’s rocky soil was very poor for agricultural purposes. In 1929 the state of Indiana purchased the land to prevent further erosion and to create the state forest.

Indiana Forest Alliance staff and volunteers after presenting at the Indiana Academy of Science.

From Lichens to Flying Squirrels: Ecoblitz Results Reveal Complexity of an Older Indiana Forest

This relatively undisturbed forest in the Back Country Area (BCA) of Morgan-Monroe State Forest has great species complexity and high species richness in the absence of intense forest management. One tract of Yellowwood has been logged, but other parts of the BCA remain intact for now, and IFA will continue the Ecoblitz in these unlogged areas.