2014 Ecoblitz Report Released!

Check out our amazing findings from the 2014 Ecoblitz in the document below!

Many weekends over the spring and summer of 2014, biologists and volunteers from every corner of the state came down to northern Monroe County to participate in an Ecoblitz of an 900-acre area in the heart of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest BCA.? This is the first known comprehensive inventory of the biological diversity of this large, contiguous section of state forest land, which represents one of the few remaining areas of intact, deep forest habitat left in the state. ?Scientists have identified several rare, threatened, or endangered species within the survey area! ?Our surveys are continuing throughout 2015.? If you would like to volunteer for the event, please email IFA’s Coordinator at?audrey@indianaforestalliance.org.

Report from 2014 Ecoblitz: