About Us

Founded in 1996, Indiana Forest Alliance (IFA) is a non-profit, statewide organization of individuals dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of Indiana’s native forests. We are volunteers and full-time staff working to protect and restore Indiana’s forests.

IFA serves citizens, organizations, landowners and communities with a wide range of interests in Indiana’s forests. We provide accurate information to the people of Indiana to involve them in efforts to protect Indiana’s forests and ensure their opportunities for input into decision-making that affects forests. We speak out for the native animals, plants and other creatures who survive in Indiana’s forests and cannot speak for themselves.

Our Vision

We see a reforested Indiana where the natural ecosystems are protected, where Hoosiers can enjoy a natural sanctuary in the complex modern world, and where harvests of our unique hardwoods are genuinely sustainable.

Our Mission

To preserve and restore Indiana’s native hardwood forest ecosystem for the enjoyment of all.

Indiana Forest Alliance accomplishes its mission in six ways

  1. By utilizing and collaborating with experts and researchers from leading universities and other institutions to document the value of preserving the natural diversity of forests in Indiana.
  2. By effectively advocating before the Indiana general assembly, federal, state and local agencies.
  3. By reaching out, educating and organizing individuals and groups who share our passion for protecting forests in Indiana.
  4. By promoting the value of forests for human health and mitigation of the current climate crisis. Forests play a vital role in CO2 consumption and air and water filtration.
  5. By humanizing the forest issues, articulating the importance and benefits of people being in nature, telling stories about citizens impacted, and leveraging the power of images.
  6. By seeking judicial relief, if appropriate, when all other options have been exhausted.

Read the Indiana Forest Alliance’s Strategic Plan (Updated in 2019)