Below are some of the campaigns and projects that the Indiana Forest Alliance is working on right now.  If you are interested in getting involved with any projects, please contact!


*Wild Indiana Campaign: The Indiana Forest Alliance is proposing the establishment of thirteen Wild Areas across seven state forests.  In our continued fight to stop unprecedented commercial logging in Indiana’s state forests, this proposal is a strong first step towards restoring a balanced state forest management policy, by protecting those areas in our state forests which offer the most potential for interior forest habitat and wilderness-type public recreation.


*Mounds Reservoir:  The Proposed Mounds Reservoir plan is entering the second phase of planning, which means the potential damage it could cause looms ever closer.  The Reservoir would flood out much of Mounds State Park, including the globally-rare Mounds Fen, and lapping dangerously close to the Mounds earthworks.  Contact if you are interested in getting involved with this campaign.

Photo by Kevin Tungesvick

Skunk Cabbage in Mounds Fen Nature Preserve, 2011. Source: Kevin Tungesvick


*Back Country Areas Protection Campaign:  We are still hoping to gain permanent protection of the three State Forest Back Country Areas, and are continuing to engage in outreach and advocacy about this issue.



*Ecoblitz Project:  Many weekends over the spring and summer of 2014, biologists and volunteers from every corner of the state came down to northern Monroe County to participate in an Ecoblitz of an 900-acre area in the heart of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest BCA. This is the first known comprehensive inventory of the biological diversity of this large, contiguous section of state forest land, which represents one of the few remaining areas of intact, deep forest habitat left in the state.  Scientists have identified several rare, threatened, or endangered species within the survey area!  Our surveys will continue throughout 2015.  If you would like to volunteer for the event, please email IFA’s Coordinator at

Report from 2014 Ecoblitz:


Amanita cokeri, Morgan-Monroe State Forest Back Country Area, 2014. Source: Ron Kerner

Amanita cokeri, Morgan-Monroe State Forest Back Country Area, 2014. Source: Ron Kerner

*Hoosier Forest Watch:  HFW is a project of the Indiana Forest Alliance. HFW was created to monitor logging activity in Indiana’s state forests, as well as provide opportunities for the public to connect more with the forests they own. Through a combination of public outreach and diligent monitoring, we hope to put pressure on the state legislature and the Department of Natural Resources to end illegal and destructive logging of our public forests.

Our name Hoosier Forest Watch describes exactly the intentions of this initiative. Our focus is solely on the forests of Indiana. While we acknowledge the urgency to end commercial and exploitative logging worldwide, we believe that we are most effective in protecting the areas with which we are most connected. For us, that means the hardwood forests of Indiana.

Forests are more than just trees. Historically, Indiana’s forests have been some of the most diverse in North America, both in plant life and otherwise. When we monitor logging activity in our state forests, we are looking for more than just which trees and how many were cut. We are looking at the total impact of the state’s logging practices on the entire ecosystem. The sort of logging endorsed and subsidized by the DNR denies the value of mature, old-growth forests and opens the door for invasive species and habitat loss for such species as the federally endangered Indiana bat.


We monitor all of the timber sales! Photo of a sale in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest Back Country Area, by Myke Luurtsema.