Economic Study

Concealed Costs, Hidden Values
The Role of State Forests in Indiana’s Economy

Respectful dialogue and thoughtful analysis are key aspects of our work at the Indiana Forest Alliance. We are committed to collaborative research that informs the public and policymakers about emerging issues. 

Concealed Costs & Hidden Values is an original series of reports focused on Indiana’s state forests. The first in the series, “Concealed Costs of State Forest Timber Sales” (31 pages), is an examination of the high cost and low prices from state forest timber sales in Indiana. View the January 2019 press release here.

Read or download Fair Market Value?, a four-page summary of this report.

Read or download the full report: Concealed Costs of State Forest Timber Sales.

Indiana Forest Alliance Conservation Director Rae Schnapp, Ph.D. — the study’s main author — is available for presentations and interviews. Contact Rae. To receive the report or summary via U.S. mail, contact IFA staff.

LISTEN to report authors Dr. Schnapp and economist Morton Marcus discuss the economics of state forest logging on the Who Gets What? podcast episode “From Tree to Shining Tree.” [Forest discussion starts at 3:23].

Check this webpage for follow up reports to be released in 2019.

The production and dissemination of this report was made possible with the generous support of Terry & Constance Marbach and the Namaste Foundation, and The Robert R. and Gayle T. Meyer Family Fund, and Patagonia WorksConcealed Costs & Hidden Values is a collaboration among IFA staff past and present, plus economist Morton Marcus, director emeritus of the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, and Spencer Phillips and Carolyn Alkire, Ph.D. consultants for Key-Log Economics. Graphic design by Anemonae.