Crown Hill North Woods



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The National Cemetery Administration (NCA), part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), has plans to destroy the only old-growth forest in inner city Indianapolis to build a columbaria for our veterans. This is a wonderful project, but in the wrong location. The U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Indiana has denied the request from Indiana Forest Alliance (IFA) and plaintiffs to halt the DVA’s columbaria project at Crown Hill Cemetery’s North Woods. The case is currently being appealed in U.S. District Court in Chicago.

An ecological assessment was done by Dr. Donald Ruch, Dr. Kemuel Badger, and John taylor in which they state: “all efforts should be made to conserve this example of Indiana’s natural heritage” Drs. Badgers and Ruch are professors of biology at Ball State University, and Taylor is the land manager there. Dr. Ruch is a former member of the Indiana Natural Resources Commission and past President of the Indiana Academy of Science. The Floristic Quality Assessment, completed by Dr. Rebecca Dolan and Kevin Tungesvick, show that the vegetation in the Crown Hill North Woods ranks comparably to that of the highest quality nature preserves in central Indiana.

As long as the Crown Hill North Woods are still standing, we will be resolute in our efforts to protect them. The Dr. Laura Hare Charitable Trust has offered to purchase the woods from the DVA and protect them in perpetuity as either a park or a nature preserve. “I urge our elected officials, the Veterans Administration, and Crown Hill to act on the Hare Trust’s remarkable offer” wrote former Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court Randall T. Shepard in an op-ed printed in The Indianapolis Star.

Is destroying an old-growth forest an appropriate way to honor our veterans, our children, our natural heritage? We are proposing a win-win. Our congressional leadership, these decision-makers have the authority to request that the DVA look at alternative sites for this project. There are numerous alternative sites, both at Crown Hill Cemetery and elsewhere in Indianapolis, to place this project that would not take a tree, none of which have been examined.

Clearing of the woods is expected to commence any day now. A tremendous outpouring of public feeling is the only way to preserve these woods. Please contact these decision-makers, your legislators and urge them to do the right thing. We thank you in advance for taking the time to speak on behalf the irreplaceable ecological jewel that is the Crown Hill North Woods!



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