Forests, Feasts, Films, and More!

Family seated around a campfire.

Check out IFA’s annual Member Meeting, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, and Forest-Foraged Feast!

Won’t you join us?


While the October 24, 2020, Member Meeting will be held remotely, let it be said that an IFA member meeting is a must on any social calendar. If you are an IFA member, watch your email for updates on how you can participate this year.

If you’re not a member, join the Indiana Forest Alliance today so you can be part of a dynamic group of forest advocates and participate in this year’s Member Meeting!

wild & scenic
film festival

IFA offers an annual inspiring evening of short films that feature the mystery of nature, the beauty of wildlife, and the stories of citizens speaking truth to power at its annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

We’ll be back in 2021. Expect music, prizes, and networking with people who love Indiana’s wildest places!


Where else can you eat delicious forest-foraged food specially prepared by a renowned local chef? At IFA’s Forest-Foraged Feast, of course! What a great way to support IFA’s work while enjoying the fruits of Indiana’s forests.