Yellowwood State Forest

Yellowwood State Forest, originally Beanblossom Land Utilization Project, is a state forest located in Brown County, Indiana. The forest features 17 different areas within Brown County, comprising 23,326 acres (9,440 ha) in total. The name of the forest is derived from the yellowwood (Cladrastis kentukea), a tree seldom found this far north in the United States; it flowers here only every three to five years. The yellowwood groves make up only 200 acres (80 ha) of the forest, although one tree has been planted by the forest office.

Indiana Forest Alliance staff and volunteers after presenting at the Indiana Academy of Science.

From Lichens to Flying Squirrels: Ecoblitz Results Reveal Complexity of an Older Indiana Forest

This relatively undisturbed forest in the Back Country Area (BCA) of Morgan-Monroe State Forest has great species complexity and high species richness in the absence of intense forest management. One tract of Yellowwood has been logged, but other parts of the BCA remain intact for now, and IFA will continue the Ecoblitz in these unlogged areas.

Next Steps After the Moral Victory at Yellowwood

“The debate about our state forests is about politics,” said IFA Executive Director Jeff Stant in a statement to the media. It’s about quality of life in Indiana, the conservation of our heritage, and public input in a democracy. We must insist that some of our state forests remain forever wild, for our emotional well-being and the survival of many declining forest-dependent species.

A Matter of Heritage: A Forest with Civil War-Era Trees Should Not Be Logged

In the Yellowwood Backcountry Area, there stands a tree older than our nation. It’s an American Beech, 33 inches (almost three feet) in diameter. This tree, we discovered, is 238 years old, and started growing during the American Revolution. What a treasure, here in our Indiana state forests. Did you know that, until IFA’s Ecoblitz, there …

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