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Indiana bald eagle

In Defense of the Endangered Species Act

But now, in the U.S. House, a barrage of nine bills have been introduced to weaken the law, and one bill draft has been released in the Senate. Furthermore, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke has also just released a series of regulatory rollbacks to the ESA.

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Authentic Public Input on Public Forest Planning

As a forester, ecologist, and former legislator in Wisconsin, I’ve tried to offer another perspective on Indiana forest issues. We expect our public forests to produce a variety of benefits for citizens, and forest managers must play a critical role in satisfying multiple uses while keeping forests healthy and resilient. As the impacts of climate change and invasive species increasingly affect our forests, that work becomes even more important and more challenging.

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Forests for Indy Campaign.

A Future for our Neighborhood Forests

Urban forests clean the air, cool the surrounding neighborhood, offer places to play, andreduce life’s stress. They provide a refuge for migrating birds and a place in a city for nature to thrive.

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